Bad Reaction

from by The Cold Desert

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Bad reaction to the back door slammin' on the back porch of her mama's house.
I'm old-fashioned like a box of matches, got a redhead temper like 'em too.

I stormed out into the coalblack wilderness,
she stormed after like a stormcloud cracklin'.
Thunder rumblin' and cursewords tumblin' out between her teeth.

She said, "go! Go! You ain't welcome here no more.
I don't ever want to see you again."
But she followed after me until 42nd street
and it was clear I wasn't gonna stop and turn around,
say "I was wrong."

Bad reaction to the blackhaired basterd puttin' hands upon my face.
I got handsy on the dancefloor handlin' his skinny girlfriend's waist.

I struck back with my left hand knuckles
and he grabbed hold of the back of my jacket collar.
We got thrown out, cursewords flowin' out split lips missin' teeth.

He said, "to hell with you! I will beat you black-and-blue
if you ever lay a finger on my girl."
But she followed after me and she left him in the street
and then she took a breath, took my arm, kissed my cheek, got in my car.
It was clear I wasn't gonna stop and turn around say "I had won."
I wasn't gonna stop and turn around say "I was wrong."
"I was wrong."

All my words are flightless birds and all my questions got no answers.
All my poems are empty homes and all my songs ain't got no meanings.
All my thoughts are crackin' pots and all my plans ain't got no actions.
All my dreams are magic beans and all my hope got no reason!

It's just a bad reaction, bad reaction.
It's all just a bad reaction.


from Woman & God, released February 17, 2013



all rights reserved


The Cold Desert Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix-based roots rock quartet The Cold Desert began as the solo project of Matt Klassen in 2008. After filling out the lineup with drummer Jared Kaiser, multi-instrumentalist Cody Nelson and bassist Jason Stromberg, they released their debut EP "Four Doors" on September 30th 2011. ... more

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